“The Widow and the Ring Dance”

Hello! My new novel, “The Widow and the Ring Dance” will be coming out for sale this Spring of 2019, on Amazon.com, and amazon.com/uk–I hope in time for my birthday on April 26th. The book will also be offered on other internet sites such as Barnes and Noble.

“The Widow and the Ring Dance” is a romantic novel and ironical portrait of a recent widow, Juliette Ørnduff, an ex-pat American, long-time resident of Norway, who is in a tearing hurry to find a new life’s partner before her good looks fade and her erstwhile “age” (53) causes her to appear undesirable to possible suitors.

Juliette herself is the likely narrator, though she writes in the third person (using diaries), and to demonstrate the veracity of her point (how difficult it can be to find a life’s partner in middle age), she quotes from R.F. Delderfield’s classic novel, “God Is An Englishman,”

“A man, even a fool of a man, could make any number of attempts to track

down happiness, addressing himself to the task until he was old and senile,

but a woman had so little time at her disposal, and time for her was running out.”

Juliette, after a few feeble attempts on the “dating” sites of the Internet, decides to put a personals advertisement in a newspaper column that has been designed especially for just such a purpose as Juliette’s. She states that she is widowed, attractive, and looking for a “positive” man in a certain age frame. She is very nervous about it, but feels that she can deal with any difficulties that arise.

Particularly, Juliette, who is well-educated and has had a successful career, wants to find the same in a man, plus, she wants a person who is kind and generous with his time, money, and affection. Juliette is a passionate woman, and she wants a passionate man. Otherwise, she is not picky!

Juliette, lucky girl, receives four letters from possible suitors, plus, she has made two promising contacts on the internet. Intrepid Juliette sets out to meet and interview them all–one at a time. She does, and goes through every kind of disappointment, confusion, adventure, weird situation, excitement, hope, fear, joy, the works! And of course, stubborn as she is, Juliette, in record time, actually works her way down to the very last letter, her last chance (she’s sure) for happiness, and finds her man, a character she could never have even dreamed of.

Patricia Bjørnstad, author of “The Widow and the Ring Dance,” copyright 2019.


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